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Night Raid

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Night Raid

Post by Bladewolf on Wed 14 Dec 2016, 00:04

Dalinar sat with his men in the back of the truck as they drove towards the target location of their raid.  Recently there had been an uptick in violent lycan activity.  This was a matter of concern for the Corporation, as it meant they had less control than they would like to have people believe.  An informant had told them that the house in question was a regular resting place for a small group of lycans.  The truck was disguised as a regular delivery vehicle, which was meant to help them gain that much more of an advantage over the inhuman beasts they hunted.  Dalinar flexed his robotic arm, feeling the light, familiar, pull at the muscles of his chest where the expansive metal connections made their home.

"Alright men, when we come to a stop, its going to be a full go, full speed situation.  We hit these bastards hard, and we hit them fast, this is exactly what we have been training for here, a chance to hit them right in the nose.  Make them regret the three teams they have taken out in the last month."  There was a rousing murmur of ascent to the words.

"About 3 minutes till our location sir."  The voice informed him from the driver.


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