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Wandering, and being captured, again (As Crazul)

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Wandering, and being captured, again (As Crazul)

Post by Bladewolf on Sun 25 Dec 2016, 20:50

Why did he always seem to return to the Russian Steppes?  It was colder than a witches tit, though, he had met some rather friendly, and warm, witches since he had left them, years ago, with Ajax.  He remembered, at first, that he had been utterly terrified by nearly any and all new things he had encountered.  But, over time, he had gained more and more confidence, and now, he was, where was he?  He, he didn't know, what was going on?

He jerked, eyes flying open, lunging forward, he was brought up short, by, something, around his neck.  A collar, it was another collar, connected to a heavy chain, to the wall...  "Great, six,thousand, damn years, no capture, and then bam, I get caught.  Just bloody great."  That was a term he had picked up from some of the blood he had drank while in what was now known as England, the woman had been rather tasty, in multiple ways, but, that was neither here nor there at this point.  He was captured.

After concentrating for a few moments, his eyes were able to see through the dark, and he traced the chain back up to the wall.  Giving it a yank proved just as fruitful as lunging against it had earlier.  Suddenly a light flicked on, and a voice greeted his ears.

"Hah! Your awake, you damn vampire! A human would have died, but you are awake and alive!"  The voice said, and turning, Crazul could see it was an older man, with a crazed gleam in his eyes.

"Oh hell."  He had just gotten back from Russia, and already he was captured


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Re: Wandering, and being captured, again (As Crazul)

Post by Ajax Matashina on Tue 24 Jan 2017, 22:01

Those that had lost their lives weighed heavily upon the coven leader, pushing him that little bit further into the dank depths of his own silent inner despair. It was becoming some what of a constant shadow within so much so that no matter the event or distraction the Ancient always felt it. Yet that was not his main emotional concern, those that were unaccounted for haunted him, every second day and night their mirror images taunted him for not finding them.
He was their leader, he was their protector, their family and in one case a lover yet he had not been able to find them, the prospect that he may never find them was beyond what Ajax Matashina has been willing to accept. The impact of that realization something he was far from ready to face.

The coven merger was agreed upon now, he had left The Black Woods and returned to Lacrimosa to gather the remaining coven members to escort them to their new home.
Back in the Woods he knew Hope to be preparing everything so all he had to focus on was his people.

He had yet to make it to the coven when a local feral caught his attention. Disfigured and beyond vile to him Ajax had wanted to avoid him yet found himself being stalked until he simply had enough and had turned to face the vampire. It proved a fruitful meeting the vampire giving him some much needed information.
He had over heard the ramblings of a drunken man on his return home, he had supposedly captured a pale faced man, with that news Ajax had a spark of hope. Repaying the kindness the feral had shockingly shown he allowed a drop of his own blood. Not enough to alter the being but enough to ensure survival against starvation.

Within an hour Ajax stood outside a hut like home, the door barred from within. The voices of two capturing his hearing enough so for him to make out just who had been captured. Crazul.
He smiled to himself nearly overjoyed that he had actually managed to find one of his missing yet also confused as to how a mere mortal, a lone one at that had managed to catch such a vampire.

He would have given it more thought had he the time to waste but he had things that needed doing. One swift push of his hands split the door wide open, the wooden bar splintering out as he stepped through and over the threshold into the house, an old man looking at him in shock as he paused to brush some of the splinters from his waistcoat.
“Hello Crazul my friend” his eyes were moving from one to the other settling upon the old man.
“You seem to have something that does not belong to you, care to explain yourself?”

Ajax Matashina

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