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Assessing the sitution (open)

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Assessing the sitution (open)

Post by StareNation on Wed 28 Dec 2016, 13:18


The last stop out of Arcane was a few miles short of their intended destination. It wouldn't have been half as bad had Nathaniel spent more than a minute silent rather than talking rubbish in Caine's ear. As much as it was normal, Caine was not at all in the mood. He had decided to keep silent about Sauri but it was obvious even to his rather obnoxious brother at this time that things were not at all great.
"would it have killed you to wear a decent and less obvious shirt?" Caine muttered as he walked beside Nathaniel, dressed plainly in a pair of jeans and his bike jacket. it was a long time since riding the Ducati but he couldn't bring himself to get rid of the jacket. Beside him Nathaniel grinned with a sense of pride at his clothing choice.
”what? Come on bro, it’s not the first time you’ve seen a loud shirt” Nate replied, pinching the bottom of the neon green fabric. ”besides, I bought it at a little market stall in Waikiki and it didn’t stand out at all...and considering your vision these days it’s not like you should be bitching about looking at it”
Caine’s brows knotted as he walked, shaking his head ”I can see you twit, just not like before.” he quickly dismissed the conversation and fell back into silence while Nathaniel had stuck a headphone back into his ear, cranking the volume up on his ipod as he readjusted his bag strap.

The walk to Death Manor through the black woods had continued for another hour or so before the grand old estate loomed in view, barely familiar to Caine but he had heard enough about the place from his brothers and sister to know that it was the right place. He hoped that Ajax had already met with the coven members and proposed the merger but most of all he wanted to see his little sister and brother. He had been told about Asha but he had not yet heard a word from Romal at all. He was sure his brother would be about but in the current environment it was far more concerning. Nathaniel on the other hand had simply flown into town and met up with his brother after receiving an irate call from caine suggesting Vaughan had gone off the deep end and the covens were uniting to avoid everything going tits up. He had begun to protest on the bus but after Caine avoiding as much conversation as possible he was beginning to think the interruption of his Hawaiian holiday was needed.
Nathaniel reached the gates first, Caine stepping in behind him as Nate approached the door, taking the usual manner of simply pushing the door open and walking in, allowing caine to catch the door behind.
”Anyone about?!”


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Re: Assessing the sitution (open)

Post by Matthew M on Sat 07 Jan 2017, 12:44

Matthew had been a globe trotter for the most part of his long life and it was proving some what difficult for him to come to terms with the fact that Ajax had called him back home. He had been called back many times before to check in or to help out with things but Ajax had always been more then willing to give him a job sending him back off out into the madness of the less civilized parts of the world but things had changed, Ajax wanted him home and he wanted him there indefinitely and that was a lot to take in. He wasn't one to be tied down.
He was glad that it gave an opportunity to spend more time with family and more time with his sister but he could not ignore the feeling of imaginary shackles upon him.
His head had been a mess for days since Ajax had met with the siblings. He had seemed to take it all in his stride even pretended to be happy about the whole thing but of course it was just an act, a way of being selfless in the face of a better life for the rest of the coven, for hos sister. The choice was to either agree and better the family or walk and he could never do that to them. Really he had no other option.

It had only been days before he started to feel the oppression of the Matashina walls upon him, he had found himself becoming ill tempered and lacking patience for those around him. So he had gone to his 'father' asking permission to take on a job that would not have him stray from home. Ajax agreed with slight reluctance asking him to try and track down any of the missing coven members or past coven members.

Romal had led him to Arcane, his trail was a blazing one and easy to follow but when in the city it had become more difficult to track him down.
There had been a series of attacks where soldiers from the corporation had been assaulted, a number of them had led him to conclude they were of demon doing, most likely Romal and another. That other he assumed to be one of the brothers, most probably Vaughan who Matthew also knew from Matashina Coven.

One such event had caught his attention more so then the others. A supposed chemical terrorist attack had been carried out in one of the hospitals. Upon further investigation he had a rough idea of what had happened but he couldn't get anything concrete to go on. It had been hushed in the media to a certain extent and none of the Soldiers he had tortured were coming up with anything useful.
So annoyingly he had decided that the best course of action would probably be to scout out the building he and his family were supposed to be calling home from now on. Death Manor.

Hands in pockets with a cigarette hanging from the left side of his lip he wafted smoke in his wake. Blue jeans and a white T-shirt with a dark brown leather jacket keeping worn in a casual attire his usual suit had been packed up. Sun glasses were closed hanging from his collar now that he had no use of them there being no humans around.
He had taken his sweet time walking through the woods, a slight dread in the pit of his stomach when he imagined seeing the new home they would have. A new cage for him. Sighing he squinted, seeing it in the distance. His mind being taken from his depressing thoughts as two figures ducked through the door way.

Crushing the cigarette under foot he rose his fingers to his lips pushing two in to force a high pitched whistle towards Caine and Nathaniel. He had never met Nate but he knew of him, Caine he knew well enough.
“Oi Boys. Over here” now he had not expected to see either of them, but he wasn't about to complain. They were a welcome distraction and maybe a helpful one.
Matthew M

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