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Following Leads (open)

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Following Leads (open)

Post by StareNation on Sat 27 May 2017, 11:52

The flickering light and shag pile carpet were the beginning of the shady feel to Fog's motel but it was the kind of place were no one asked questions. It was also a place where dodgy people were particularly useful in snooping and other activities in order to get what one desired and that was exactly who Hunter needed. Glancing down at his side where his fingers pressed the side of his cell to illuminate the screen he could see no messages from Amaria, Kat or Curtis, unable to conclude whether that was a good or bad thing. Times had changed a lot and these days he was no longer fearful of any interaction with the Brawlers, Kat having even passed on the tip that his ex and children had potentially been spotted somewhere near arcane. That tip had brought him right to the city, where he now stood in the dingy lobby of Fog's Motel.

"here is your room key, if you have any.....particular requests just ring me here at reception," the woman explained as she slid the key card across the timber desk, her face heavily caked in makeup and her choice of dress something hunter was sure she had picked out of a lingerie rack in the local adult shop. He gave her a half hearted smile and a simple "thanks," before he turned, picking up the small gym bag and headed for the stairs, taking them two at a time and leaving the receptionist to 'entertain' the other guests arriving. when he reached the second floor, Hunter glanced at the number on the card, noting room 14 which was halfway down the hall and heading over. Closing the door behind him he gave a small chuckle at the look of the room. It was neat and tidy, contained the basics... but the addition of red curtains to match the carpet and a few old x-rated magazines just gave the whole place the look of a whore house. Then again he had chosen the place for it's questionable atmosphere and patrons so there was little complaint.

Dumping down his bag and pulling the zip back, the first thing Hunter retrieved was a thick notebook. Lately the only thing most precious to him had been that damn book, it was perhaps the only thing bringing him closer to finding his children. He had worked hard not to let it consume him, but he had promised never to let a lead fall to the wayside. The other concern he had was this Oxen Corporation crap. The Corporation was causing such a stir that it was hard to ignore the possibility that the kids could be dead or imprisoned and there was no way in hell Hunter was going to let someone harm his kids. Unpacking a few toiletries and his wallet, Hunter headed back downstairs to the bar where he could take a seat at the bar off to the side and scope out the place. Wanting to get a look at the people around it was a prime opportunity, after all the skimpily clad barmaids took the attention of the other men in the room and made it much easier to avoid confrontation.


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Re: Following Leads (open)

Post by Alleria on Sun 04 Jun 2017, 16:24

It would seem the oxen Corp was laying low, no doubt trying to keep the fact that many of their captives had escaped to the General public, but that didn't mean they weren't doing things behind the scenes. After she had healed Kara and the Tate...She went back to search For blaze but came up empty handed no trails nothing. She was already discouraged and dealing with past things didn't help and then to add she had failed on her promise to Kara, it sat heavily in Her shoulders. She needed to find him..she needed...she sighed and shook her head, The mane of brown gold stranded falling in her face at the movement, what she need..wanted, was gone, she was an empty shell who shouldn't even be here. She had crossed over felt at peace, the hurt and loneliness had vanished, see had had...peace, but something had bought her back...her family had been danger and she had sailed the seas to this horrid place. , but it had worked out She had found them they..were not captives any longer...but now blaze was missing yet again..She would find him along with anyone else she could. She would keep her focus on that and not on the vast swirling pain and darkness that swelled inside her threatening to take het under once again. If not for zigan...she let the thought die not wanting to think about that. She had plans tonight, her focus needed to be on...being female..flirty..

She sat amongst a group of men in a hotel lobby, they kept feed her drinks one after another or So they thought, she had strategically Sat her back to the wall so she could see who came and went, there was a few potted plants beside her that quickly soaked up all if her drinks except for the miniscule amount she allowed to coat her lips as she pretended to drink, the smell at least on her lips as the males smiled and patted her knee, leaving it there and squeezing lightly. It took all her self control not to break his fingers, these men disgusted her with their looks, their touch, their thoughts, everything.

A waitress came by with yet. Another round of drinks, her now empty one was slid from her grasp by the pudgy male who's other hand was inching his way up her bare leg. She'll have another, don't worry I'll be taking care of her tonight he told the waitress. She complied and moved away to take other drink orders.

She smiled to him or hand going to his as she gently pushed it back down to her knee. The stupid fool not thinking anything of it as she leaned closer playing with his tie, "I'll be right back " she said in what she hoped sounded bubble and drunk. He finger tapped his nose as she giggled and began to rise from her chair pretending to have a hard time. The male rose placing his hands on her waist a light gleamed in is eye. Calling blood to her face she "blushed" falling into him a giggle escaped as she. Whispered She had to go to the little ladies room. Her hands roamed as she pushed him lighting back in his chair waving him in tha y she was fine she could make it. Smiling to them all she drunkenly walked out of their circle to the lobbies restroom.....

(Let me know if this needs to be changed)


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