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A broken man

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A broken man

Post by StareNation on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 13:18

The trickle of water over river stones would have been calming had it not been a trigger in his mind, bold grey eyes almost permanently widened in fear as his breath drew in sharp and short. Even the calm night air did nothing except give rise to more sounds, deafening in Tate’s ears as he tried in earnest to scrub the lingering smell of clean from his skin. It stank in his mind, the clinical smells of disinfectant and sterile walls, the walls of which had prompted him to seek shelter in the open for fear of being trapped in a cell again. On the surface he seemed fine; minus the scaring but on the inside he was a mess, a jittering, broken, chaotic mess. He was again exhausted; neither calm enough for sleep nor want it as any slip into his consciousness brought nightmarish reminders of oxen corp. He winced as one of his fingernails scratched through his skin, droplets of blood sliding over his arm as he tried desperately to focus on something else...something normal.

He was no longer physically shackled, Alleria had done an efficient job of releasing his bonds and healing the major injuries which had been so recently inflicted. Though what was broken was mental and after having stared in the mirror for more than several hours in disbelief at the vivisection scar that traveled from his arms to his chest and down to his torso the room had begun to draw in on him, suffocating him. It was the initial panic that prompted Tate to flee, unable to shift completely due to the drugs lurching through his system and bringing nothing but pain and confusion to the surface. Every sound even those as minute as a pin drop sent unsettling waves through his form and soon Tate had left Arcane in search of space and safety.

He had found the stream, the noxious smells from oxen corp still haunting him as he now stood waist deep in the water, scratching and scrubbing his skin to get the smell off. Where he could go was beyond him but the sight of green grass and forest had given him enough comfort and the knowledge that uniform clad officers were nowhere near.


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