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Coming Home. (Dimitru's and any OX personnel that would like to join)

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Coming Home. (Dimitru's and any OX personnel that would like to join)

Post by Romal Dimitru on Fri 18 Aug 2017, 19:17

The shackles painfully bit into the flesh of his wrists blistering and bubbling the flesh beneath them. He could only assume they were silver and probably blessed in some religious ceremony. He was often made to wear them, they weakened him and caused great pain not just to his limbs but throughout his whole body but he no longer fought when the soldiers came in to placed them upon him.
The surgery he had received upon arrival had saved his life but they were no fools they were keeping him purposefully weak. Regular testing and injecting with various serums had him dulled down and pitiful for the majority of the time. They only allowed him to recover slightly once a week and that was so they could transport him to an outside area to try and test the powers he possessed, even then they only allowed him to recover enough to use a fraction of his true potential. He was no real threat to them they had made sure of that.

Emaciated and exhausted he kept his head down as the team escorted him through the building, one person holding each of his arms, two in front of him and two behind with scientists following up a few feet after that. It had become his routine, once a week on a day he thought was a Thursday, they would force him to dance like a circus freak and examine what ever results they would get. If he refused to comply, which he often had done at first he was punished in ways only hatred allowed.

The sun burnt his eyes yet he no longer fought to shield them, red raw eye lids blinking away the pain as he was led outside to an court sized area with high metal fencing. It was the only time they ever allowed him access to the elements or anything that he could use to harm them and protect himself, not that he was kept in any fit state to.
Unshackling him the soldiers pulled away aiming their guns sights upon his chest and head as the science nerds stepped forward to do their thing. Today choosing to start scanning the runes upon his form and their reactions to being in the sunlight.
Romal Dimitru

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